Explore writtenWatch !
An App, which defines and displays time completely different.
Whether as an alternative type of time display, or simply as an attraction on your iDevice.


Full of Options

Decide if you want to activate the gong, which sounds hourly, the screen autolock and the rainbow mode, for an automatic colorchange. Furthermore, you can look up all the functions in the manual or get additional information about writtenWatch.

Get the feeling

writtenWatch formulates time in the way you would formulate it, whereby it creates a certain closeness to the user. You will forget, how a „conventional“ clock looks like and devote yourself to the simplicity and the delightful time display.

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Set your Style

Change the backgroundcolor resp. textcolor or the font and also go to the menu for further settings by clicking one of the three intuitive buttons in the lower right corner. In the case you feel like perceiving the countenance of an analog or digital clock, you can simply rotate your iDevice to landscape and enjoy both at once.